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“A well-designed green building improves indoor environmental quality, provides flexibility, and saves significant resources in construction, operation, and maintenance. Additionally, it reduces waste and cuts first and life-cycle costs compared to conventional design.”

Conventional Overhead Cable Management

Conventional Overhead Cable Management

Rhino Under-floor Cable Management

Rhino Under-floor Cable Management

Conventional Overhead HVAC Method


Rhino Under-floor HVAC Solution


The key to cost-effective green design is the practice of “Integrated Design”. The project team must think holistically, early in the design process. By understanding the relationship between the natural environment and the built environment, advantages are gained so the resultant whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Rhino provides the expertise to utilize the Rhino Green Building Design Platform (RhinoRGB® Design Platform) as a key ingredient to integrated systems. Through under-floor distribution of power, voice & data cabling, and HVAC services, the RhinoRGB® Design Platform enables cost-effective integration of building components, including structure, lighting, furniture systems and wall systems. This integral approach provides increased flexibility and control throughout your building.

Solution Flexibility

Rhino Access Floors offer a fluid capacity to react and respond to your facility’s need for change. Whether it is the creation of a flexible infrastructure system designed to respond to organizational changes, or adapting to new technologies and integrating the next generation of communication tools, Rhino Access Floors provide easy and simple solutions now, and in the future.

Environmental Control

Rhino Access Floors play an important role in improving air quality and maintaining the physical integrity of the facility environment. Rhino Access Floors provide you with the ability to control thermal, energy, and air quality control levels, zone by zone, throughout the facility. With Rhino Access Floors and under-floor air distribution, your facilities have the ability to deliver improved personal comfort control, enhanced ventilation effectiveness, and improved indoor air quality while saving energy and delivering the safest, healthiest environment possible.

Cost Control

Rhino understands that even the most advanced technology needs to offer long-term value if it is to provide a positive return on your investment. That is why Rhino Access Flooring solutions have been designed to control costs through durability and long-term service, adaptability to future expansion and change, along with easy, low-cost maintenance requirements. Additional cost savings are also realized through easy installation as well as lower operating and system requirement costs for power, communication, and air services.

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